Playmaker getting started

To relay events from the dialogue to PlayMaker you have to add the DialoguePlayMakerEventProxy. This script should be attached to the same object that contains the PlayMakerFSM component. It does not have to be linked specific dialogue reference.


Event names Event description Value being set
QUEST_SYSTEM_PRO/OnCurrentDialogueNodeChanged A dialogue node has changed QUEST_SYSTEM_PRO/Event_IntSets the index of the node that is now active.
QUEST_SYSTEM_PRO/OnCurrentDialogueChanged A different dialogue has been activated. Note this can be null if the user stops using a dialogue! QUEST_SYSTEM_PRO/Event_ObjectSets the dialogue object that is now active.
QUEST_SYSTEM_PRO/OnCurrentDialogueStatusChanged The current dialogue's status just changed QUEST_SYSTEM_PRO/Event_StringSets the DialogueStatus as a string